Crypto to the Moon

This cryptoshop was created through the collaboration between artist Poesy Liang and LuxTag, designed with the intent to sell Liang’s 120 authorized print editions of “Fly Me To The Moon Harry Putter.” The art pieces will be sold for Bitcoin. The art pieces are uniquely tagged and recorded on the blockchain, a solution to the counterfeiting of artwork. The purchaser of the art pieces will be able to authenticate the art piece and show themselves as the owner on the NEM blockchain.

Harry Putter

Harry Putter is a tuxedo cat who uncannily resembles the Rooftop Cats (RTC) that Poesy Liang (interdisciplinary artist) started to paint in September 2011 after her world tour for Bald Empathy Movement. As an artist still struggling to make ends meet, Poesy did not have the resources to repair the leaking roof at her art studio in June 2012. The following monsoon months brought torrential downpour into her premise in Kuala Lumpur and the situation rapidly got bad. When the roof finally collapsed in November, it affected the electricity circuits within the house. Poesy was in great despair and her depression got worse.

On November 18th, Poesy was having lunch with her friends at the Royal Selangor Golf Club when she noticed a golfer with hairy legs on the putting green. She thought out loud “Harry Putter would be a funny name for a cat”, her friends encouraged her to adopt a cat. A few days later, Poesy stumbled upon an image of a black & white cat online. Amused by what she read, Poesy said to herself “I don’t mind living with that”. As if the universe had heard her, a handsome kitten with tuxedo markings (and a half-moustache) showed up outside her gate the very next day. Harry Putter had appeared in Poesy’s life to saved the day because she was planning on taking her own life that very evening.

Years later, as Poesy’s RTC series became recognised, the Chinese media told the story of how Harry Putter jumped out of Poesy’s rooftop paintings when her roof collapsed. Since that fateful event, Harry Putter has had a song written for him; he has his own art series “Fly Me To The Moon Harry Putter” that is widely collected all over the world which also appears on public walls in many cities; there is 1000 limited editions of “Harry Putter Birthday Book” that celebrates life and now we present to you his crypto edition that are limited to 120 copies only.

Harry Putter Song

PoesyLiang 梁小詩

Poesy Liang is a Taiwanese-Malaysian interdisciplinary artist who made it her mission to raise compassion, kindness and empathy by media reform. Since a very young age she showed extraordinary creativity, pursuing different genres. Today, Poesy has at least 3 popular cat series but, despite her commercial success, she spends most of her time upholding several social messages through projects based on her core theme of humanity & media reform.

Artwork using LuxTag Technology

LuxTag built this website on which customers can purchase through Bitcoin for Artist Poesy Liang. More remarkably, the blockchain solution provider developed a system to register the authorized prints on the NEM Blockchain. The art works will be provided with technologies such as NFC that will allow the verification of authenticity of the art pieces. Once the technology is scanned with a smartphone, the screen will display the full story on the art work directly from its blockchain account.


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